Vabljeni predavatelji: Sanela Banović

Sanela Banović, dr. med.
Univerzitetni klinični center Ljubljana




Naslov vabljenega predavanja: Psychological health of employees – luxury or commonness

Sanela Banović’s lecture will link key content that touches every employee in his professional and personal lives. We live in a time, which requires fast results from employees, which enables organizations to achieve its goals, but on the other hand that leaves consequences in employee’s health. The lecture will cover the field of stress, psychology, psychosomatics and good communication in an extremely simple way. In this context, topics such as the psychological basement in everyday life will be exposed, the importance of communicativeness and techniques for the collective health, envy and jealousy – poison to our lives? The lecturer will cover theoretical and practical advice in dealing with stress and other internal and external factors, in everyday life and in working environment.

Sanela Banović, Ph.D. med. graduated at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Sarajevo and has been employed at the University Clinical Centre Ljubljana at the Clinical Department of Gastroenterology since 2011. She is additionally educating in the field of psychology and psychotherapy, where she completed several supplementary studies in the US, Germany and Switzerland. Sanela Banović, Ph.D. med. is a physician who, with her speech on the well-known TedxLjubljana channel, enraptured many Slovene listeners. She is interested in the impact of happiness and satisfaction in life on the psycho-physical health and hormonal balance in the body. She wants people to be aware of a positive way of thinking, satisfaction, and to learn to listen to themselves.