PANEL: Democratising Learning: Re-imagined Through A New Blend in 3D and VR.

Panel: Democratising Learning: Re-imagined Through A New “Blend” in 3D and VR will take place at the 34th Bled eConference, on Tuesday, June 29, 2021.

Chair Jamie A Kelly and panellists Matt Glowatz, Victor McNair, Marco Gilardi, Nicola Herbertson and Ann Marie Whelan will discuss aims to bring together transdisciplinary practitioners and experts to deliver critical insights, analysis and futures states of learning and skills development made possible due to VR and 3D environments. Additionally, to demonstrate how through technology industry partnership, learning in VR and 3D can be genuinely democratic and support “Digital Wellness”. The panel profile brings different dimensions and knowledge, making the attendance highly compelling for Academic  Researchers and Blended learning practitioners, Industry professionals, Educationalist, EdTech practitioners, and Ambassadors for Social and Responsible Research and the emerging area of study being Digital Wellness.

For educationalists looking to be inspired to discover the affordances of next-generation 3D learning environments, a live multi-location/user demonstration will occur at the end of the Panel discussion.  Attendees will see at first hand a recently developed 3D Cloud-based learning platform that supports a new “Blend” of Learning that transcends a number of the educational challenges witnessed in 2020 due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

More information about the panel and panellists:

Panellists introductions: Democratising Learning

Panel description: Democratising Learning