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wednesday, 19. 03.
thursday, 20. 03.
friday, 21. 03.

Wednesday, 19.3.2014

Adria I Adria II Emerald I Emerald II Mediteranea I Mediteranea II
12:30-14:00 Arrival and Registration
14:00-16:00 Opening of the Conference
with Round Table

(chair: Robert Leskovar)
16:00-16:30 break


International Case Study Competition

International Case Study Competition
Organization and Management
(chair: Miha Marič)
Management and Entrepreneurship
(chair: Vida Kampuš Trop)
(chair: Borut Werber)
Human Resource Management
(chair: Vesna Novak)

Opening of the Conference with Round Table /ENG/
chair: Robert Leskovar | 14:00-16:00
Faculty of Organizational Sciences UM celebrates 55 years of higher education and scientific research of the triad People - Process – Information. As of 2014 more than eighteen thousand graduates served in all branches of the economy and public sector and domain professionals and managers. Tight cooperation with economy and researchers worldwide is constant and added value for education process. Continuous quality improvement of all processes delivers benefits for students, employees and our partners. Publishing house Moderna organizacija and journal Organizacija enable researchers and practitioners dissemination of original and high quality papers in either Slovene or English language.

The opening of the 33th International Conference on Organizational Sciences will offer round table, the confrontation of the views on the progress of public higher education institution through the lens of academia, economy, supporting institutions and our graduates. Our challenge coincides with the next cycle of the European research program - Horizon 2020, in which they actively participate. Moderator of round table: Mojca Gabrovšek.

Year 2020 is not on our horizon but merely the checkpoint to assess the progress. We invite you to participate in intergenerational dialogue to shape our steps in developing Faculty of Organizational Sciences till 2020.

International Case Study Competition /ENG/
hall: ADRIA I (16:30-19:30) / ADRIA II (16:30-19:30)
Sponsored by: Autocommerce, d.o.o.
During their study, many students obtain a wider insight into the applicable knowledge and participate in finding new solutions to modern challenges from domestic and foreign environment. This year's international case study competition is an opportunity, where different groups of students from domestic as well as foreign faculties come to compete face to face. The concept of case study is a methodological and pedagogic-oriented challenge, aimed at integration of different theoretical concepts and situations from the real business environment. For this reason alone the case study methodology allows participants, to work out a detailed insight into the practical business-oriented problem of the studied organization or company Through diverse discussions as a method of active learning we encourage the adoption and development of critical and creative thinking that is necessary in the field of management. Members of the winning team will receive practical prizes from our sponsor Autocommerce d.o.o.

Organization and Management /ENG/
chair: Miha Marič | 16:30-19:30 (break: 18:00-18:30)
1. Using Spreadsheet as a Tool in Organizational Analysis Jovan Krivokapić, Ivan Todorović, Stefan Komazec,
Miha Marič, Miloš Jevtić
2. Internal Communication as One of the Key Factors in Implementation of Changes Rok Pintar, Katjuša Piber, Tamara Gerdej
3. Modelling and Simulation of Public Administrative Processes Jan Ministr, Tomáš Pitner
4. An Insight into Cutback Management Practices in Slovenian Public Administration Primož Pevcin
5.The Development of Application for Employment in a Company Rok Pintar, Goran Vukovič
6. The Development of Management in Tourism in Central and South-East Europe – Cultural Diversity Milija Zečević, Olgica Zečević Stanojević, Leposava Zečević, Neda Samardžija
7. Traditional Sailing Ships for Day-Trips and Cruises in Croatia: Current Issues and Development Opportunities Mirjana Kovačić, Srećko Favro, Zvonko Gržetić

Management and Entrepreneurship /SLO/
chair: Vida Kampuš Trop | 16:30-19:30 (break: 18:00-18:30)
1. Takeover of the Company as a Tool for Restructuring Dušan Mežnar
2. Lump-Sum Taxation of Micro Companies - Yes or No? Renata Gabršek
3. Influence of Advanced Technologies on the Process of Online Apparel Shopping Milica Žuraj, Petra Šparl, Anja Žnidaršič
4. Innovativeness in Tourism SMEs: The Model Development Doris Gomezelj Omerzel
5. Leadership, Continuous Improvement and Excellence Models for Improved Business Efficiency Karmen Kern Pipan
6. The Development of Programs and Projects of the Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia, Public Fund Alenka Kern, Sanja Burnazović
7. Business Excellence Model and PRSPO Application: What Do We Get and Can We Afford It? Mirjam Dular

Informatics /SLO/
chair: Borut Werber | 16:30-19:30 (break: 18:00-18:30)
1. Framework for Cognitive Network Implementation based on Cellar, Karaf, JADE and OSGi Bojan Cestnik, Fedor Chernogorov, Slawomir Kukliński, Viljem Križman
2. Comparison of Two Frameworks for Implementing Cognitive Network Functionality: DDE and OSGi Tiia Ojanperä, Aram Karalič, Markus Luoto, Bojan Cestnik
3. Introduction of BitCoin Payment System in Online Store Jure Tarman, Borut Werber
4. Subcutaneous Microchip as a Substitute of Payment Cards and Identity Documents Borut Werber, Anja Žnidaršič
5. Using a Modified Card Sorting Method for Website Interaction Improvement Marko Urh, Alenka Baggia, Eva Jereb
6. Economy of ICT Services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) in the Cloud Andrej Črne, Andreja Pucihar
7. Use of NoSQL Database in the System for Capturing and Visualizing Environment Data Aleksandar Lazarević
8. Adaptive Evolutionary Algorithm for Solving JSSP Problem Using Speculative Mutations Vid Ogris, Tomaž Kristan, Davorin Kofjač

Human Resource Management /SLO/
chair: Vesna Novak | 16:30-19:30 (break: 18:00-18:30)
1. Lean Organization Janez Zeni
2. Some Aspects of Stimulating Social Capital in the Organization Aleša Svetic
3. Organizational Competencies and Tracking Consumer Market Polona Šprajc, Vesna Novak
4. Human Resource Information System for Employees in Company Katjuša Piber, Tamara Gerdej, Rok Pintar
5. Use of Focus Group Research Methodology Janez Mayer
6. Is Gorenjska Still Among Most Developed Slovenian Regions in Terms of Employment and Unemployment? Franc Belčič
7. Maternity Leave and its Effect on a Woman's Career Maja Kovač, Miha Marič

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