Outstanding Reviewer Award

Research Stream

The Bled eCommerce Conference has featured research papers since its inception in 1988. A fully refereed Research Stream was established in 1995, running four parallel streams of about 50 papers each year, with an acceptance rate generally around 50%.

Since 2019, the Research Stream has included an Outstanding Reviewer An Award is given each year to the reviewer selected by the Award Committee as the Outstanding Reviewer.

The Award Committee changes each year, and comprises of Outstanding Paper Award committee chair, research track chair and co-chair for the year and a PC chair.

For the 2021 conference, the committee was comprised of the following members:

The Outstanding Reviewer Award has been initiated professor Roger Bons, FOM University of Applied Sciences, Germany. Bled eConference relies on work of program committee, authors and supporters to ensure double-blind review of each paper. Bled Conference team believes that review process is a key component of tight-knit Bled community. We are proud of Bled eConference as space for researchers to share ideas, receive constructive feedback, and find opportunities for collaboration among Bled community members.

The Outstanding Reviewer Award is our way to thank the individuals that share our community view and maintain positive, development-oriented attitude through their reviews.

Reviewer Guidelines

Reviewer guidelines for Bled eConference have been prepared by founding member of the Bled eConference professor Roger Clarke, Xamax Consultancy Pty Ltd & The Australian National University, Australia.

Reviewer Guidelines are available here.

Roger Clarke has been serving as the Committee Chair since the beginning and up to the 30th Bled eConference in 2017. Bled eConference and wider community would like to express its gratitude to Roger Clarke for his valuable contribution to the development of scientific part of the conference and his endless encouragements of researchers towards “rigour and relevance” balance of their research which in turn brought value beyond science to the real world.

The Outstanding Reviewer Award Winners

Vanessa Liu, Singapore University of Social Sciences, School of Business, Singapore
Stan van Ginkel, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, The Netherlands

Roger Clarke, Xamax Consultancy Pty Ltd, Australia


35th Bled eConference

June 26-29, 2022,
Bled, Slovenia & Online