Venue & Travel

The conference is located in a beautiful Alpine town called Bled. Please find more information about this gorgeous location on the following link.

The conference venue is Rikli Balance Hotel (ex Hotel Golf). Hotel reservations information are available here. Due date for offered room rates is May 20th.


Registration Fee includes free transfers from either Ljubljana International Airport or Lesce-Bled railway station.

Local transfer will have to be requested through online form of GOOPTI local transfer service.

Please note that in case participant does not use a local transfer service, organiser is not obliged for any refunds.

How to get there? Google Maps

Visa information is available at the web-site of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia.

Means of transportation

Registration Fee includes transfers from either Ljubljana International Airport or Lesce-Bled railway station.


Bled may be reached by flights to Ljubljana Airport, which is 36 km South-East of Bled.


Bled may also be accessed by train:
Munich – Salzburg – Villach – Lesce Bled – Ljubljana – Zagreb

Bled railway station is called Lesce-Bled (first station after Jesenice Border station) and it is four kilometers away from Bled.

Wien – Graz – Maribor – Ljubljana – Trieste – Venezia – Milano

The other option is Ljubljana railway station which is 53 km South-East from Bled.


Bled is South-East of Slovenia/Austria/Italy border.

From Austria:

  • Karavanken Tunnel/Karavanski predor – 35 km
  • Loibel Pass/Ljubelj – 27 km

From Italy:

  • Fusine Laghi/Ratece – 47 km.

Please note: from July 1, 2008 onwards, purchase of a vignette is obligatory for the use of the motorway. Please also note that Karavanken Tunnel/Karavanski predor is a part of the motorway with additional toll for the use of the tunnel.