On Sunday, June 28, 2020, we started our conference sessions with Doctoral Consortium.

We thank our Doctoral Consortium co-chairs Doug Vogel (Harbin Institute of Technology, China), Roger Bons (FOM Hochschule, Germany), and Johan Versendaal (HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and the Open University of the Netherlands, the Netherlands) who provided feedback to Ph.D. students participants.

This year we had participants from Croatia, Slovenia, and the Netherlands.

Ph.D. students who joined the session and their presentations are listed below:

Platformization of Data Sharing: Multi-Party Computation (MPC) as Control Mechanism and its Effect on Firms’ Participation in Data Sharing via Data Marketplaces
Wirawan Agahari
, Delft University of Technology

Motor insurance policies exposure risk assessment
Boris Peršak
, Generali zavarovalnica d.d.

Digital Transformation in Maritime Transport and Seaports
Marija Jović
, University of Rijeka, Faculty of Maritime Studies

Automatic Generation of Test Cases from Use-Case specification using Natural Language Processing
Marko Pribisalić
, University of Rijeka, Department of Informatics

We sincerely hope that students received valuable feedback that will help them to continue their research.