About SOR ’19


SOR’ is the premiere scientific event in the area of operations research, one of the traditional series of the biannual international conferences organized by the Slovenian Society Informatika, Section of Operations Research. It represents a continuity of symposia, which have attracted a growing number of international audience since the first symposium.

SOR provides an international forum for scientific exchange at the frontiers of operations research (OR) in mathematics, statistics, economics, engineering, education, environment, computer science etc. Since OR comprises a large variety of mathematical, statistical and informational theories and methods to analyse complex situations and to contribute to responsible decision making, planning and the efficient use of the resources, we believe, that in the world of increasing complexity and scarce natural resources there will be a growing need for such approaches in many fields of our society.

SOR ’19 is organized by Slovenian Society Informatika, Section of Operations Research and University of Maribor, Faculty of Organizational Sciences in cooperation with University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.