We are happy to announce that Proceedings of The 13th International Symposium on Operations Research, SOR’15, which contains blindly reviewed papers or abstracts of talks presented at the symposium SOR’15 held in Bled, Slovenia, from September 23 to September 25, 2015 is now available at the SDI-SOR internet page http://www.drustvo-informatika.si/sekcije/sor/sor-publikacijepublications/.

You can find there also the proceedings of SDI-SOR previous symposia SOR’13, SOR’11, SOR’09, SOR’07, and SOR’05.

We have just closed The 13th International Symposium on Operations Research (SOR’15) being held from September 23 till 25, 201 in Bled, Slovenia. We are pleased to see that our SOR’15 has been completed according to our common efforts.

We thank to all the authors of the papers, keynote speakers, the speakers at the Opening and Closing ceremony, chairs at sessions, and all other participants.

SOR’15 Highlights