Invited speaker – Luc Van Wassenhove

Prof. dr. Luc Van Wassenhove
INSEAD Europe Campus, INSEAD Humanitarian Research Group, France



Title: Humanitarian Operations: Past Achievements, Future Challenges and Research Opportunities

Abstract: The Humanitarian caseload is increasing while funding is substantially decreasing. The nature and impact of crises is also changing. This creates serious tensions and a need to reflect on recent advances in research. What has been relevant and impactful? Are we dealing with the major issues and providing answers to practitioners? At the same time, technology now allows us to analyse situations and do things that were impossible only half a dozen years ago. How can these new technologies be better integrated and used? How can developments from other disciplines allow humanitarian practitioners to do more with less in these resource-scarce times? The field of humanitarian operations is in great flux and organizations need help in facing the rapidly changing world of providing aid to the ones in need.

The presentation will not attempt to cover all developments for the simple reason that I am not competent for that. However, I can share with you my own research work and experience in collaborating with a set of humanitarian organizations. I hope to convince you that this is an exciting field of research with lots of relevant multi-disciplinary problems where we can make a substantial impact.