About conference

This year’s International Conference on Organizational Science Development in Portorož brought together numerous stakeholders from the research and education, economy, public administration and others with the aim to highlight the key milestones of past research and focus on future trends.

The 37th Conference on Organizational Science Development is entitled Organization and Uncertainty in the Digital Age. The thread of the conference was the present position of organizations, strongly connected with the digitalization and coinciding fact of uncertainty being the only certainty. To achieve positive progress and results ensuring better and secure future, organizations and societies need to follow the trends. Contemporary time is a time of rapid digital advances as well as riots and crises, which often intervene in daily life of an individual, organization or society. Connecting the key elements of an organization; people, processes and informatics, the conference exposed the key issues and provided several answers for the advances in organizational sciences.

Based on past experiences in national and global risk or weakness, we form a future with a positive connotation. The conference aims to build on opportunities – opportunities for all of us, for the society and a generation of organizations and individuals, who will climb up the success scale. Based on the idea of the thematic concept of an organization, the strength and the direction of our discussions, knowledge and scientific results is primarily the identification, management and rehabilitation of uncertainty in the organization and society, and the majority of development trends related to the fundamental contemporary process – digitalization.

We hope that the conference offered many answers to questions linked to topics of the conference and networking opportunities with colleagues and friends.

Please save the dates for our 2019 conference, which will be held in Portorož from 20th to 22nd March 2019.

Hope to see you next year and best regards from Slovenia!

Associate Prof. Polona Šprajc, PhD
Conference Chair