Graduate Students Consortium

The Bled 2015 Graduate Student Consortium, held on June 22nd, 2016, provides an opportunity for Higher Degree by Research students to write and present on an aspect of their research. Whether you are just beginning or further advanced, there will be an aspect of your research that you can write up, have reviewed by experienced advisors, and present to your peers at the Bled Graduate Student Consortium.

Submit your intention to participate to the co-chairs. Doing this well in advance of the consortium date will allow the co-chairs to guide you, together with your supervisor, in the preparation of a suitable contribution to be presented at the consortium, and published in a research volume associated with the Bled eConference.

This day provides a rich experience for both students and supervisors about the process of research – the research journey.

Students are welcome to submit papers about their research (master or PhD level).
The suggested outline of the papers is:
  1. Introduction,
  2. Problem definition,
  3. Methodology,
  4. Preliminary/Expected results,
  5. Future development.
The papers should be up to 10 pages long and submitted to the co-chairs.

The final papers after evaluation and suggestions provided at the consortium will be published in the conference under the Graduate Students Consortium section.Submit your intention to participate to the co-chairs.

Graduate Student Consortium Co-chairs
Doug Vogel, Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology, China
Roger Bons, Professor, FOM University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Artur Lugmayr, Professor, Curtin University, Australia
Heinz Dreher, Professor, Curtin University, Australia