Students Bazaar

The Rene W. Wagenaar Student Bazaar

The Bled eConference 2016 is about the Digital Economy. We are engaged in the fourth industrial and economical revolution made possible by paradigm-shifting digitization. Proceeded by major innovative steps like EDI, eBusiness, mBusiness, self-servicing, big data, Internet of Things and more we are now in the middle of a digital transformation.
 We will focus on many aspects pertaining to the dawn of the Digital Economy as well as how to seize the numerous new opportunities it brings through research and business papers, panels, workshops and more. Further we will examine issues such as how organizations can benefit from the Digital Economy, how new businesses are created, but also from the perspective of the individual, including: the empowered (ageing) citizen, the entrepreneur, the patient, the consumer, the student, the lecturer and the employee. Leveraging again the successful partnership with journals, through which excellent submissions were selected for extended versions, we look for innovative and unique research contributions.

As the theme of this year’s Bled eConference is Digital Economy the Bled Students Bazaar is specifically dedicated to apps for mobile devices – in particular to apps that relate to self-servicing and big data in the domains of health and the environment of individuals. Think of apps that help patients to cope with their medication intake, that help them stop smoking, which warn them if air pollution is endangering their allergy. Think of apps that support house owners to track their energy usage, show individuals their ecological footprint, and help people to locally provide social support for those in need. The possibilities to put in ‘apps for a better and healthier world’ seem endless. But what really works? How can we determine whether an app is effective? These are the key questions of this call for proposals. We call masters and honors students in information, computer, organization, health and environmental sciences, from all countries, to write a proposal in which the idea is thoroughly described (max. 2000 words).

Submission Deadline: March 26th, 2016
Author Notification: April 11th, 2016

Students Bazaar Co-chairs:
Pascal Ravesteijn, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Netherlands
Ronald Batenburg, NIVEL & Utrecht University, The Netherlands