About conference

The technology is the key enabler of the development. It stimulates different areas of organizations and changes the established business in terms of digital. The ecosystem of organizations interwines with the basic cell of society through various layers of individuals, society, national and global layers. It provides a basis for survival and sustainability. The life of employees, organizations and the society in general is changing positively due to cultural, social and economic changes, influenced with digital technology. Integrating organizations into ecosystems is the way to complex connections that create opportunities for long-term integration and the power of organizations. Organizational sciences introduce new principles for sustainable development and connection of human and technology by focusing on innovative actions supporting diverse organizations and establishing ecosystems as business models.

The 38th international conference Organizational sciences development in 2019 brings a new impetus to the perception of an individual as an essential member of organizations as well as the technology that promotes the development of various aspects of digital transformation. Digital-supported employees, digitally-enabled work and digital technology support create new trends in organizations, while returning to the essence of their operation – the ecosystem as a paradigm of networking and linking individuals and organizations.

With this year’s conference theme “Ecosystem of organizations in the digital age”, we aim to encourage the connectivity enabling better and more efficient management of challenges in and set new starting points for our better tomorrow.

We put great importance to the appropriately established boundaries between individual ecosystems, which as an element of developing cooperation between them creates optimal conditions for development.

The international conference on Organizational sciences development will bring together many stakeholders from the academia, economy, public sector and others, to highlight the key milestones of past research and focus on the future trends.

We are looking forward to your contributions, ideas and experiences, which will help us overcoming the obstacles and issues in organizations. We believe, that the 38th international conference will bring together the pick of the attendees, which have significantly contributed to the conference’s programme each year and also, to attract new attendees.

See you in Portorož!

Associate Prof. Polona Šprajc, PhD
Conference Chair