Vabljeni predavatelji

Gregor Kobilke (več informacij)
Head of A8 Vehicle Assembly at Audi AG, Germany

Title: Operational Implementation of a Company Strategy within the Production of a Vehicle Assembly Guided by a Defined Change Management Process

Tine Tomažič, Ph.D. (več informacij)
Pipistrel, Slovenia

Title: On Electric Flight – A Story of a SME becoming the Global Leader

Aline Noiset (več informacij)
Business Development, Europe | Health 2.0

Title: Hospital of the Future

Danilo Mencigar (več informacij)
Reg.Med.Tech. at University Medical Centre Ljubljana
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Title: Hospital Information Systems: towards Paperless Hospital

Aleksandar Gavrić (več informacij)
Medical Intern at University Medical Center Ljubljana
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Title: Why Medical Professionals are Optimistic

Miroslav Končar (več informacij)
Director, Healthcare and Education Industry, Oracle ECEMEA
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Title: Technological Disruption

Christian Kittl (več informacij)
CEO and Scientific Director Evolaris next level GmbH, Graz, Austria
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Title: Business Model Innovation in the Health Care Sector

Emily Lutzker (več informacij)
Creative Strategy and Project Management, USA

Title: The Utopian Fantasies of Open Innovation