Vabljeni predavatelji: Maša Čemažar in Miguel Montero

Maša Čemažar in Miguel Montero
Pyjama Bosses




Naslov vabljenega predavanja: Effective Digital Systems For Exponential Scaling Of Modern Companies in 2020

As we approach the new decade and year 2020, more digital system options are available for creating effective systems in modern companies. The three keys to creating profitability in a modern company will be: Automation, Unification, Scalability.

We will discuss each of these key and show how one can implement strategies to achieve maximum profitability. During our presentation we will share how we have helped over 8,540 businesses to use systems to scale annual revenues to 6 and 7 Figures.

Masa & Miguel started their first business at the end of 2005, not even a year after moving to Australia with nothing but a couple of thousand dollars. They have built large organizations with 10,000s people worldwide. In addition, they launched their generic training platform called Pyjama Bosses in late 2015, which has led them to become authors, speakers and generic trainers.

Masa & Miguel have worked with leaders from more than 30 different countries and their passion and focus is creating customized systems to help them scale their businesses to 6- and 7 Figures. Masa & Miguel live in Australia and travel frequently to support our worldwide businesses.