Vabljeni predavatelji: Vujica Lazović

N. E. prof. dr. Vujica Lazović
veleposlanik Črne Gore v Republiki Sloveniji




Naslov vabljenega predavanja: Four Paradoxes of the Digital Economy

The IV Industrial Revolution has released hidden resources by opening up space for digital transformation and the exponential growth of the virtual market. The interconnected economy, created in the wake of this process, is based on decentralized and collaborative work, without hierarchy and authority and gives new impetus to entrepreneurship and global growth. The digital economy functions on different principles in relation to the traditional economy and therefore requires a different economic philosophy. Information, ideas, innovation and knowledge are the basis for creating value, growth and productivity. Billions of connected and networked human brains are the greatest productive force of the new age. The spirit of digitalised economic freedom rises to perfection, but it carries a lot of dangers and open questions and paradoxes.

Prof. Dr. Vujica Lazović is a professor at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Montenegro on the subjects of Informatics Economics, Economics Philosophy and Design of Information Systems. He was Dean (2000-2006) and Head of Doctoral Studies at this Faculty (2007-2012), Vice Prime Minister of Montenegro for Economic Policy and Financial System (2006-2016), as well as Information and Telecommunication Minister and ccTLD National Domain Manager .me (2009-2016). He was awarded the Vienna Economic Forum Award and the Eurasian Economic Summit. Now he is Ambassador of Montenegro to the Republic of Slovenia.